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The 'Conforta' district in Deurne consists of more than 2000 houses on narrow plots of 3,75 meters. This unique, radical and in time infamous housing development -originating from the Interbellum- was corrupted and altered from the start. On the former site of an industrial bakery, who nearly devoured half of the building block -just like a cannibal-, we make a clean sweep.

Daycare and 9 houses
Closed competition

Client: Vespa-AG KOP
Technical Engineering: Ingenium
Structural Engineering: Planet Engineering
Landscape: Stefan Moreal


The new daycare nests itself between the legs of 7 private houses. The classical order of the building block is repaired, given a clear front and rear side, providing light and air to everyone. Different parts of the program are arranged by a barcode, ranging from public to private. A second little housing block completes the scheme. Everyone to his own address. Everything in its right place. The diligent materials appeal to the working-class ethics of the neighborhood. With love for detail. Sometimes grand, sometimes droll. 

COD11.500 P-exploded view copy
201607 AV Koekend 04
COD11.600 S-NIEUW plannen zonder omgeving
201607 AV Koekend 10
COD11.600 S-NIEUW snede detail
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The daycare and houses are all constructed according to the concept of passive housing. This is realized first and foremost by building a logical and compact building in the city. The excellent choice of materials, right isolation and innovative but simple energy systems add to the scheme. 

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201607 AV Koekend 01
COD11.600 S-NIEUW snede
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photography Bart Gosselin, Sepp van Dun