Landscaping Multi-purpose centre Uyttenhove nearing completion, Lochristi

Lange Bremstraat win!

Team BULK + LUBBERS + IRS + KARUUR wins the competition for the development of a future-proof and lively district on Lange Bremstraat in Antwerp! De Ideale Woning launched a competition for the site with 230 houses, a crèche and commercial space and the future redevelopment of hoeve Royenborg.

Start Perenpit

Construction of Edwardshof on site Perenpit in Mortsel has started. 


Heli take off!

Team BULK + BUREAU CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY + IRS + KARUUR + MISS MIYAGI wins the competition for the redevelopment of the fire station on the Helihavenlaan in Brussels, of which the Brussels-Capital Region wishes to investigate the programmatic possibilities.

MSI - SAU organized a competition for the survey into the future possibilities of the DBDMH buildings, fine examples of brutalist 1970s architecture, in order to organize their future transformation. In view of their strategic position, in different sectors of the Nord territory (Manhattan district, near the canal, Masui district), the site's transition is particularly important for the development of the entire Heliport site.


Composite Presence

The Belgian contribution to the Biennale Architettura 2021 in Venice, curated by Bovenbouw Architectuur, shows a model landscape representing the friction between city and architecture in Flanders. The scenography shows a piece of urban landscape on a scale of 1/15. Project Van Artevelde is one of the fifty recent projects by 45 contemporary Belgian practices contributing to the imaginary landscape.

The seventeenth edition of the Architecture Biennale in Venice runs from 22 May to 21 November 2021 in Giardini, Arsenale and at various places in the city. The theme for the 2021 edition is "How will we live together?"

Composite Presence  - Biennale Architettura 2021


Cadix shortlisted for BREEAM Awards 2021. The BREEAM Awards are organized annually and reward people, projects and organizations that are leading in the field of sustainable design and development. More than 50 projects from all over the world have been shortlisted this year, including the Cadix A5 project in collaboration with Sergison Bates and Bovenbouw.


The Housing Experiment

Article on Open Call Schrijverswijk in A + 288. “The Housing Experiment” shows affordable individual housing as well as collective and social housing projects, in an urban, suburban or rural context. Projects that testify to a certain experiment with the living dream or that show that the architect is questioning the current housing typology.


La nouvelle garde Belge

‘La nouvelle garde Belge’. Article on day and night shelter van Schoonhoven in A&MOTS n°18 Hiver 2021 – Le Bulletin d’AMO / Architecture et Maîtres d'Ouvrage.

Pension Van Schoonhoven


Team CLUSTER + BULK + KARUUR + WIT wins the competition of masterplan Arena Deurne! AG Vespa organized a design competition for the redevelopment of the Arena district together with social housing company Woonhaven Antwerp and VMSW.

News item AG Vespa (dutch)


Function/form/function – kindergarten & elementary school in Deurne, Belgium” Article on Kindergarten & elementary school Het Vliegertje on Építészfó (Hungarian).

The team at BULK architecten has managed to strike a balance between the constraints of a clean, modern architectural language and the looseness and cosiness that comes with the given function. This might not seem as a huge undertaking, but such a successful implementation as Het Vliegertje is rarely found. Contemporary school architecture, driven frequently by modernist pastiche, often forgets exactly who it is designing for. Whether this results in aesthetically or conceptually pleasing buildings, it only exposes the misdirection of the designers.

Het Vliegertje

Masterplan De Ceder

BULK + AVANTGARDEN win the competition to draw up a masterplan for the further development of residential care site De Ceder on behalf of the Municipality of Beersel. In collaboration with Stadim and Bureau Bouwtechniek, we also conduct research into the redevelopment of the brutalist residential care complex on the site.