JED17.600 S-straatzicht


On a double lot in Antwerpen Deurne we are building a large house with three dwellings for two clients. One of them lives in the family dwelling on the ground floor. Two compact apartments above will be rented out.

The house is located in a typical 20th century-Antwerpen street: large single family houses in proto-modernist or art-deco style, all in low density and with big gardens.

The dense program has been deployed in a spatial configuration of split level floors, vide, a special stairwell and proper roof terraces. Local urban conditions demand a staggered building-line be integrated in the design: we have used it to situate the passage to the backyard. The facades of the large house play along with their neighbors with rounded corners, a couple of bay windows and a canopy.

Multi-family house
2018 -

Client: Private
Structural engineering: Raymond Van Soens

JED17.600 S-Deurne foto
JED17.600 S-coverfoto
JED17.100 P-180221 gevel noord
JED17.600 S-gevelfragment detail
JED17.600 S-afronding raaml
JED17.600 S-gevelfragment detail raam
JED17.200 P-180614 3D-alt
JED17.200 P-N00
JED17.200 P-N01
JED17.600 S-interieur
JED17.600 S-interieur 2
JED17.200 P-N02
JED17.600 S- appartement
JED17.600 S-afsluitfoto