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Trap Op

Our office was asked to replace and renew the windows and sanitary facilities of an existing big school in Retie. We used the assignment to investigate the full arsenal and potential of the existing buildings. Too often such interventions are planned ad hoc, without inquiring their impact, necessity or coherence. They're the result of available budgets and acute needs. We feel it is important to fit such interventions in a broader vision, thus avoiding their potential redundancy in time. We elaborated a master plan for the school and in the meantime designed the sports hall. 

Sports hall and expansion school

Client: Katholiek Onderwijs Regio Turnhout
Technical engineering: Studie 10
Structural engineering: Planet Engineering

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All interventions result from the existing structures and try to reconcile 60's pavilions with beautiful monastic buildings. Piece by piece we aim for a proper balance between intervention/insertion/installation. 

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TSR09.500 3D-100827 totaal
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The sports hall is conceived as an attachment to the largest pavilion, leaving room for future expansions...

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