VFA15.500 P-160526 zicht02-B-deel2


The Building blocks designed by and named after architect Gustav Fierens (1881-1962) in the centre of Antwerp date from 1939. After a period of muddled decision-making and public protest, the former modernist social housing blocks are spared from demolition in 2014. AG Vespa wants to research affordable and alternative housing typologies and wishes to revitalize the commercial plinth.

Reconversion existing social housing block
Proposal, closed competition (runner-up)

Client: AG VESPA
In collaboration with: Diederendirrix architecten
 Karuur architecten
Technical engineering: DGMR - Deerns
Structural engineering: Bureau d’études Greisch
Landscape: Stefan Morael
Environment & mobility: Artemis – Traject

VFA15.100 B-160601-FINAAL-8-pui
VFA15.100 B-160601-FINAAL-12-inplanting - flip
VFA15.500 P-iso 2 student
VFA15.500 P-iso
VFA15.500 P-160526 zicht03-C
VFA15.500 P-160526 zicht04-D
VFA15.500 P-160526 zicht01-L-deel2
VFA15.500 P-160528 zicht05-E
VFA15.500 P-160524 binnengevel