Van Schoonhoven

Article on day and night shelter for the homeless Pension van Schoonhoven in Architraaf/Architrave n° 201 (Dutch).

Pension van Schoonhoven




BULK welcomed INBO architects and urban planners on 4 October on their study trip through Flanders, with a first stop in Antwerp and Park Groot Schijn. Koen Van Bockstal and Jasper Ponjee give a lecture on the urban development and architecture of the city of Antwerp.


Lecture by Koen Van Bockstal on the Renovation Toolbox - Schrijverswijk at the Wijkmotor seminar organized by AR-TUR. In Kempenlab AR-TUR studies on making (social) housing districts more sustainable.
1/10/2019 Cultuurhuis De Warande, Turnhout


De Madieliefjes

On Friday 27 September,  Daycare De Madieliefjes in Machelen was festively inaugurated. Soon we will pass by for a small phototrip of the entire project site.

Dorpskern Machelen


BULK, BUUR and BAS win the desing competition for Open Call 3609 Schrijverswijk!
Social housing district in Zwijndrecht commissioned by Woonpunt Schelde-Rupel.



The A + school issue examines the “most successful" processes and projects and investigates how new pedagogical programs translate into architecture. Article on kindergarten & elementary school Het Vliegertje in A+ 279 SCHOOLS.

Het Vliegertje

Cadix B'6

BULK and General Architecture have been selected to come forward with a design proposal for building block Cadix B’6. AG Vespa organizes a competition for the design of a strategically located building block as an economic link / hub that gives the Cadix district a striking and lively face.

Festival van de Architectuur

BULK participates in the Festival of Architecture and the Day of Architecture. You can visit four projects and our office building on 22 September. Come and see!

Info and registration via the following links (Dutch) :

D/a : Boechout Midden
D/a : Het Halfdiep
D/a : Het Vliegertje
D/a : Pension Van Schoonhoven

D/a : BULK architecten

Meesterproef 2019

Tom Vermeylen will supervise the Meesterproef by Vlaams Bouwmeester.

With this design competition, Team Vlaams Bouwmeester, the Flemish Society for Social Housing and the Association of Flemish Housing Companies want to offer recently graduated architects and promising young artists the opportunity to realize a public commission.

Master Thesis 2019 on Social Living - Designing research into alternative forms of living for single seniors for De Ideale Woning.

Meesterproef 2019 (Dutch)


Interview about design practice BULK architecten in Kontextur.