BULK architects received the 21st Bouwmeester Label in 2019-2020 for our study 'Construct: the architecture of the construction'. We investigate how more attention for structure and construction can contribute to a resilient, robust city.

The exhibition 'BWMSTR Label Construct, room for change' shows the results of the research and presents tools for a changing practice.

We will open the exhibition on 12 November. In two panel discussions, we bring together various actors from the construction sector to reflect on the future of robust buildings and their impact on a changing city. Architects and engineers as well as project developers and chief government architects take the stage to think about the future of robust buildings.

With speakers: Jasper Ponjee (BULK architects), Olof Grip (General Architecture), Erik Wieërs (Flemish Government Architect), Mario Rinke (University of Antwerp), Evi Swinnen (Timelab Ghent), Peter Gestels (Van Roey) and Steven Decloedt (AG Vespa). Moderator: Edith Wouters (Ar-Tur)

12.11.2021 at 20:00
Muziekstudio De Singel in Antwerp.

13.11.2021 - 17.04.2022
De Singel International Arts Centre, Antwerp

BWMSTR Label. Construct, ruimte voor verandering

Back to school - TUB

The Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Technische Universität Berlin is organizing a study trip to Antwerp led by Prof. Mechthild Stuhlmacher. To support their current design assignment, they visit a series of urban projects, including Pension Van Schoonhoven and Het Vliegertje. As an introduction, Koen Van Bockstal will give a lecture for architecture students on schools, building in the city and the Antwerp context on 29.10.21.


University of Liechtenstein

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of hosting Urs Meister, Mario Rinke and students from the University of Liechtenstein in our office. Koen gave a lecture on Antwerp history and we talked about re-use, intelligent ruins and retrofitting. 

Toolbox Dorpse Architectuur

On Friday 22 October AR-TUR presents the Toolbox ‘Dorpse Architectuur’ in OC Kasterlee.

The Toolbox ‘Dorpse Architectuur’ presents a wide selection of inspiring examples tailored to the village. The book offers design tools in the form of village 'figures' and 'tactics' for plural living. And it outlines the preconditions for a good process. Tom Verstraeten conducted photographic research into spatial strategies that help determine the individuality of villages. Midden Boechout is one of the project stories in the publication.

RSVP & presale publication via AR-TUR.

Midden Boechout

Day of Architecture

BULK participates in Day of Architecture. You can visit two projects and our office building on 17 October. Come and see!

Info and registration via the following links (Dutch) :

D/a : Boechout Midden
D/a : Pension Van Schoonhoven
D/a : office BULK architecten

Schools for the future

At the initiative of group Van Roey the research group VUB Architectural Engineering developed a practical guide for clients and designers who want to realise sustainable and circular school buildings.

The manual helps clients and designers on their way to sustainable and circular school buildings. Example project Het Vliegertje – Design&Build kindergarten & elementary school in collaboration with Van Roey - illustrates the aspired circular design qualities.

Guide: Schools for the future


Start Paalstraat

Construction of project Paalstraat has started. Article on construction of notary's office and houses in Schoten (Dutch).

Artikel in GVA (Dutch)

Domesticating the Public

The Architecture Foundation and Brickworks Vande Moortel present a series of films focussed on the Belgian city of Antwerp. The series, which has been developed with support from the Flemish Architecture Institute and Flanders House, will comprise films about recent buildings in Antwerp as well as issues of city-wide concern.

Lecture by Koen Van Bockstal on three projects that BULK architecten has designed in Antwerp: a shelter for homeless people, an integrated kindergarten and housing scheme and a new residential development on the waterfront at Cadix.

Watch the film

Collaborative teams

Interview with Tom Vermeylen about Eric Sasse social housing project, working on collaborative teams, BULK architects and shared visions on building at contractor Houben.

interview Houben

Joint leave

Our offices are closed from 9 July to 1 August for joint leave. Happy holidays!