Het Vliegertje

Article on kindergarten & elementary school Het Vliegertje in Installatie & Bouw (Dutch).

Het Vliegertje


Open Call 3609 Zwijndrecht Schrijverswijk

BULK, BUUR and BAS have been selected to come forward with a design proposal for the Schrijverswijk social housing district in Zwijndrecht. Open Call 3706 is commissioned by the Woonpunt Schelde-Rupel overseen by Team Vlaams Bouwmeester.

Open Call 3609 Zwijndrecht

BULK wishes you happy holidays and a cheerful and inspiring new year!

BULK wishes you happy holidays and a cheerful and inspiring new year!
Our offices will be closed from Friday 21 December 2018. We will be available again from 7 January 2019.

ONTO Book launch

Presentation ONTO 01 – Koen Van Bockstal
ONTO is a series of journals that aims to visualise design research in the design studios of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urbanism and Spatial Planning.
20/12/2018 20.00 h University of Antwerp - Faculty of Design Sciences, Campus Mutsaard – Winter garden, Mutsaardstraat 31, Antwerp

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Architectuurcafé Koninklijke Bouwmeesterkring West-Vlaanderen

Lecture BULK architecten – Koen Van Bockstal
13/12/2018 19.30 h Boekenhuis Theoria, Casinoplein 10, Kortrijk

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Opening Pension Van Schoonhoven

With interest from the press, OCMW Antwerpen handed over the keys of the renewed Pension Van Schoonhoven to the various organisations that will work in the day and night shelter for the homeless. The first guests will be welcomed from 26 November.
Report ATV.

Pension Van Schoonhoven


The matter of architecture not only refers to the pragmatic idea of architecture, but also to the added value that is created and felt within what is built. The AUDITORIUM  18/19 lecture series represents a spectrum of architecture and matter as such: what is ‘built’ as a physical materiality, what is ‘not built’ as space, light and time, and ‘the poetic’, ‘the metaphysical’ in search of the essence of architecture. Seven selected speakers bring a comprehensive story.

Curators: Miep Linssen, Lukas Versteele & Ruben Hoet

Programme Lectures Stad en Architectuur


28 September BRAEMPRAAT premiered in de Singel. Renaat Braem wrote ‘Het lelijkste land ter wereld’ (‘The ugliest country in the world’) in 1968, an indictment of the way in which we build in Belgium. He uses urbanisation and architecture as a focal point from which to inveigh against society, politics and mankind. Braem was a developer of ideas. With humour like cement, he constructed a text that stands on solid foundations. Dimitri Leue presents Braem’s text with music that takes away the cavity walls of your being. Steven Taelman sets to work with melodies and compositions from 1968. Filip Dujardin’s photos show how Belgium is ‘beautiful at being ugly’. BULK architects creates a set as a sample card for the rest of the world, a monster of architecture.
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Construction site visit daycare

On Thursday 20/9/2018, Matexi organized a first visit to the new Daycare in Machelen. Interested parties were given a guided tour of the construction site by BULK architects, Matexi and contractor Vanhout, together with the Mayor and the aldermen of Machelen.

Machelen Masterplan Town Centre

Bricklaying ceremony Uyttenhove

Wednesday 5/9/2018 the bricklaying ceremony was held for the multi-purpose centre Uyttenhove in Lochristi.
News article HLN (dutch).