Publication and lecture ‘Room for change’

The book Room for change (Ruimte voor verandering. Robuuste open gebouwen voor de toekomst) will be published on April 13.

“The research by BULK architects shows the value of robust open buildings that embrace excess and enable flexible use. Out of a curiosity about history and future possibilities, Room for change contributes to the convergence between architecture, structure and sustainability.”

Following the launch of the book, the Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi) and the University of Antwerp (UA) invite Stephen Bates (Sergison Bates architects) and Koen Van Bockstal (BULK architecten / UA) for a lecture on 13 April at 8:00 PM. at the University of Antwerp.

Info, pre-order en registrations for the book launch and lecture via VAi

podcast de Architect

In the run-up to the March issue of De Architect, Merel Pit and Tracy Metz dive into the theme: From port to city. “The city is advancing, the harbor is moving. Where is there still room to live? Well, in the harbor!”. In this last episode of the series about the former port area, in addition to Koen van Bockstal, Rozemie Claeys (AG VESPA) is also a guest.

podcast de Architect

Back to Brick

A+ investigates today's Belgian brick architecture, paying attention to the technical, constructive and physical aspects of the material.

“In the Cadix district in Antwerp. Sergison Bates, Bovenbouw and BULK realized a city block of five buildings. The result - 200 flats and 26 commercial premises - shows how brick can upgrade urban living.”

Project Cadix A5 in collaboration with Sergison Bates and Bovenbouw is featured in A+294 “Back to Brick”.


Ruimtelijk Rendement

Pension Van Schoonhoven included as an example project ‘Spatial Efficiency’. With this campaign, the Flemish government wants to offer inspiration to developers, architects, environmental officials or builders who are involved in construction projects on a daily basis. A database of striking examples of spatial efficiency.

Watch the video report and read the interview with architect Koen Van Bockstal (BULK architects), landscape architect Bjorn Gielen (Landinzicht) and client Anke Van der Jonckheyd (OCMW Antwerp) on the website of the Environment Agency.

Flanders Environment Agency


Article about the redevelopment of the Arena district by Renaat Braem. The team FVWW Architecten + Bressers Erfgoed has been selected for the renovation of the buildings in the southern periphery. Commissioned by AG Vespa and Woonhaven Antwerp, the design team CLUSTER + BULK + KARUUR + WIT continues to work on the Master Plan for the new Arena district: a green, car-free neighbourhood, smooth and comfortable passages for cyclists and pedestrians and a clear connection to the surrounding public space.

Article De Standaard (Dutch)


Youth Centre Park Groot Schijn

Construction of the youth centre will start this spring, a place of its own for the various youth associations around the historic Master Schmid farm. After the sports room, BULK architects, together with BUUR, HOSPER and ARA, are working on the next series of buildings within the Masterplan Park Groot Schijn. In a second phase, the Scinthoeve on this site will be renovated into a multi-purpose youth center and party hall.

Park Groot Schijn: Jeugdkamer

Happy holidays

BULK wishes you happy holidays and a cheerful and inspiring new year!

Our offices will be closed from Friday 24 December 2021.
We will be available again from 10 January 2022.


Laura Denis was present during the opening debates and wrote an extensive review about the exhibition 'BWMSTR Label Construct, room for change' for Archined.

Lecture Family-friendly housing

In the context of the exhibition 'Housing Apart Together', Architectuurwijzer organized a number of thematic lecture evenings together with the city of Antwerp and AG Vespa. On Wednesday 10 November, the theme was 'Family-friendly and stacked living'. In Flanders, the house with its own garden is considered the most ideal form of living with children. During this evening of lectures we show that stacked housing projects can also provide a nice home for families with children. Lecture by Ninke Happel and Koen Van Bockstal.

Watch the lecture

Oversize: Adaptive Reuse

Article on research and exhibition ‘'BWMSTR Label. Construct, room for change' in A + 292 “Oversize: Adaptive Reuse”.

Oversize is about scale, about large volumes and precise details. Oversize is not a reason for a generic structure, rather an invitation to a generous design. The Flemish Government Architect already emphasized this in his ambition memorandum and, together with BULK architects, also devoted a BWMSTR Label to it. “The research for the project Construct, room for change”, writes Bart Tritsmans, “is a plea for the reuse and creation of robust buildings that embrace oversize and allow flexible use.”

A+292 _ BWMSTR Label. Construct, ruimte voor verandering