BULK visit

The students of Xaverius College Borgerhout who follow the Visual and Architectural training module visited BULK. Jeff and Brent were happy to talk to them about architecture and the profession of architect and answer the questions of the third grade students.

BWMSTR Label 021

CONSTRUCT research proposal submitted by Jasper Ponjee was selected by the Flemish Government Architect and the Flemish Architecture Institute for BWMSTR Label 021. BULK architects will investigate the possibilities of open structures, which are more sustainable due to their flexibility and adaptability. However, there are several barriers that make it difficult to design and build them, such as mandatory schedules of requirements and the current division of roles between architect and engineer, which  detach architecture and construction. BULK architects will - together with a Structural Engineer - develop a catalog of shape types, illustrating the wealth of designs that start from construction and space, rather than from a program.

BWMSTR Label (Dutch)

Van Schoonhoven

Guesthouse for the Homeless’. Article on day and night shelter Van Schoonhoven by Koen Van Synghel in De Standaard. (Dutch).

Pension Van Schoonhoven


Back to School

The architectural world is facing huge social challenges. Creating schools and learning environments is an important facet of contemporary life. Back to School explores whether schools in Flanders are able to withstand future problems. The exhibition presents a selection of interesting school buildings that have been constructed in recent years. These projects reflect the typological innovations in school building, illustrate the contribution that a school can make to the fabric of a village or city, and point to the role that architecture can play in the social and spatial context. Kindergarten & elementary school Het Vliegertje is part of the exposition by the Flanders Architecture Institute.
De Singel, Antwerp, Thursdag 24.10.2019 - Sunday 16.02.2020

Het Vliegertje

UHasselt visit Het Halfdiep

Charlotte Gillain gives a tour to the Interior Architecture students of Hasselt University in Het Halfdiep. The students of the Faculty of Architecture and Art visit the project on 15 October during their study trip.

Het Halfdiep

van Schoonhoven

Article on day and night shelter for the homeless Pension van Schoonhoven in Architraaf/Architrave n° 201 (Dutch).

Pension van Schoonhoven




BULK welcomed INBO architects and urban planners on 4 October on their study trip through Flanders, with a first stop in Antwerp and Park Groot Schijn. Koen Van Bockstal and Jasper Ponjee give a lecture on the urban development and architecture of the city of Antwerp.


Lecture by Koen Van Bockstal on the Renovation Toolbox - Schrijverswijk at the Wijkmotor seminar organized by AR-TUR. In Kempenlab AR-TUR studies on making (social) housing districts more sustainable.
1/10/2019 Cultuurhuis De Warande, Turnhout


De Madieliefjes

On Friday 27 September,  Daycare De Madieliefjes in Machelen was festively inaugurated. Soon we will pass by for a small phototrip of the entire project site.

Dorpskern Machelen


BULK, BUUR and BAS win the desing competition for Open Call 3609 Schrijverswijk!
Social housing district in Zwijndrecht commissioned by Woonpunt Schelde-Rupel.