Open Oproep DDS

Great news! We are happy to announce our team has won the Open Call competition for the new DDS - the Flemish intermunicipal partnership in the Dender-Durme-Schelde region - headquarters in Dendermonde. The result of a close collaboration between BULK and Studio Jan Vermeulen.

A jury of experts and representatives of DDS and Team Vlaams Bouwmeester appointed our team as the preferred bid from an international selection of 33 candidates.

The project provides a strong image and an open framework to DDS’s renewed operations in which informal exchanges, research and innovation are key. 

The building will play a pioneering role in what we call the ‘new working landscape’. As a generous shell, the project can accommodate many uses over time. In doing so, we take an ambitious position on sustainable building and circular construction principles. Fabricated from waste that is collected locally by sister organisation, the proposed façade cladding in bio-based materials was acknowledged by the jury as “a valued and promising innovation”.

Many thanks to all in our team, BAS Dirk Jaspaert - IRS Studiebureau - Cluster Landscape - Bureau Bouwtechniek - Bureau De Fonseca.

Open Oproep 4301

Lecture - The Arenawijk of Renaat Braem

Docomomo Belgium is organizing a series lectures on The Arenawijk of Renaat Braem. 

The structural condition of Braem’s built patrimony is highly problematic today, as a result of which the social housing company Woonhaven decides to transfer the most valuable and characteristic homes in the southern periphery to AG Vespa, who will renovate them for the private market in the form of a collective housing project. The least qualitative and most dilapidated parts will be replaced, mainly at the northern edge. Despite a far-reaching densification campaign, the winning proposal by BULK, WIT, KARUUR and CLUSTER focuses on significant softening and qualitative public space, with substantially more space for water and greenery and a large park. Koen Van Bockstal will give an online lecture ‘The new masterplan of the Arenawijk’.

‘The Arenawijk of Renaat Braem past, present and future story’ (EN)
Wednesday 30th of November 2022, 20h00, online via Zoom

Info and RSVP via Docomomo

Über ein Haus hinaus

Publication Cadix A5 in werk, bauen + wohnen 11-2022. Article about how the project by Bovenbouw, BULK and Sergison Bates could be a role model in both urban planning and architecture.

werk, bauen + wohnen

​Flanders Architectural Review N°15

Flanders Architectural Review N°15. Alliances with the Real brings together a rich selection of much-discussed recent projects that offer a surprising response to these challenges. Ten essays and two photo series critically reflect upon and hold up a mirror to the architectural field. Alliances with the Real calls for social engagement and social entrepreneurship from all who contribute to the (un)built environment. With projects Cadix A5 and Stapelplein.

Flanders Architecture Institute

City and building culture - Five theses

Fondation Culture du bâti Suisse publishes a series of notebooks with the theme of a high-quality building culture. They were developed on the basis of the presentations and discussions at the 'Building Culture and the City' symposium at ETH Zurich in 2021, and subsequently consolidated by the Foundation Board.

In this publication, the foundation presents five propositions for a high-quality building culture that it has drawn up. Research 'Pilot Project Living: New Forms of Collectivity' by BULK, Research cel Stadsontwerp University of Antwerp, Collectief Noord, and CLUSTER is cited as an example of densification strategy.

Fondation Culture du bâti Suisse (DE/FR)

Ville et culture du bâti - cinq thèses

visit L’ardepa

At the end of October, a delegation of 25 architects and urban planners from the association L'ardepa (l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes) visited Antwerp for a study trip of several days. Eric Henrist gave a tour of the Cadix district with a visit to Grootstadsblok A5.


Winvorm - Lecture building resilient

'How to invest more in the reuse of buildings, circularity and future-proof/adaptable construction?' Winvorm is organizing a series of lectures that focus on robust and future-proof construction. Koen Van Bockstal will give a lecture for the Winvorm participants on Tuesday 11/10/22 and will present the research 'Bouwmeester Label -CONSTRUCT' in relation to cases from the design practice of BULK architects.



BULK architecten and Happel Cornelisse Verhoeve architecten welcomed developer Synchroon from Utrecht on 2 September during their study trip through Antwerp. Eric Henrist and Floris Cornelisse talked about the urban development of Het Eilandje and led a group of enthusiastic developers around completed and planned projects in the Cadix district.

ARC22 Architecture Award

Project Grootstadsblok Cadix in collaboration with Bovenbouw Architectuur and Sergison Bates architects longlisted for the ARC22 Architecture Award. The ARC Architectuur Award is awarded to recently completed projects that combine sustainability and innovation with surprising architecture. The aim of the award is to promote sustainability as an integral part of the design. The jury looks for projects that are innovative in the fields of energy, materials and technology, that set new standards for commercial real estate, housing and public facilities or that solve urban and/or ecological problems.

ARC22 Awards (Dutch)
JasperPonjee-08 - Copy

Jasper Ponjee

After eleven inspiring years working together, Jasper Ponjee is leaving our office and partnership. It is with pain in our hearts that we farewell our fantastic colleague and loyal friend. Jasper began working with BULK in 2011. As project architect, he was responsible for award-winning projects like the Conforta daycare & houses in Deurne and the multi-purpose Uytenhove building in Lochristi. He was also inspirer and driving-force behind countless competitions and studies. With his down-to-earth but poetic way of looking at things, his training as structural engineer, and as a rabid architecture fanatic he has made an indelible mark on our work and inspired many colleagues and clients. Based on that appreciation, he became a junior partner in 2018.

Jasper was the driving force and instigator of the Bouwmeester Label -CONSTRUCT- that we as office received in 2019. We explored how a renewed focus on structure and oversizing can contribute to a resilient, robust city. The exhibition ‘BWMSTR Label Construct, ruimte voor verandering’ in the Singel displayed the result of this research and presented tools for a changing practice.

As of 1 September 2022, Jasper leaves our office to consider new challenges.Jasper will focus more specifically on design & research around architecture and climate. We can only be grateful for and proud of the fine years together and we’re going to miss him. We wish Jasper every success on his new path and will continue to work closely with him, albeit under a different star.

For all questions relating to his projects or any follow-up, please contact us via We will then make sure that your query reaches the right person.